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Rashmi Dixit-Sharma

Rashmi Dixit-Sharma


Project Youth - Labour Y

Read Rashmi's story in her own words.

My life has been anything but conventional.

I started life as the daughter of an Indian Army Officer. This meant frequent postings, associated travel, new homes, and new schools. Change was truly a constant and growing up, I changed 11 schools. I also witnessed several cultures, religions, and norms (yeah, India is like several small countries).

In a country where sons were revered, my parents were proud of their three daughters, and taught us to push boundaries and question convention. Playtime was sports, riding, camping, reading, driving a tank, or learning to shoot. Television was not an active part of my life until I was 16.

Jump to career. At Uni, I studied psychology, and loved it so much that I took on additional honours classes, trained as a special educator for learning disabled children, and did computer programming, all during my bachelors. I spent 7 years working with luxury hotels, and also did an MBA in Human Resources. Yup, people are my thing, and have always been.

But life, that’s a tricky thing. A terror attack forced me and my family to leave India for good, and move to Saudi Arabia (I know, Saudi Arabia!).

Well, Saudi was challenging in more ways than one. For one, the country was gender segregated and women did not work. Oh! And there were a whole lot of other things. But ironically for me, this is where I grew my wings. I lived in the country for 7 years and rose to be a Vice President for a Saudi company, not exactly common in that part of the world at that time.

Jump to today. I have worked in Human Resources now for over 16 years, and experienced the corporate world, as well as the world of SME’s. I have worked with companies in India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Dubai, and Australia.

And now, I am following my heart and giving back. As Manager Labour Y, a Project Youth Program supported by the Ian Potter and the Big Sister Foundations, I hope to find “supported” employment opportunities for young people at risk of long term unemployment.

As a parent, I still struggle to understand what goes through the mind of a child when faced with constant neglect and trauma. As a true believer in the study of psychology, I understand the behaviours that such children develop, and the ways in which those behaviours impact their relationships and prospects of employment. And as an avid social networker, I connect with people to find employment for these young people, and as a soft skills and leadership trainer, I offer them free soft skills and leadership training through Labour Y, for their organisations, in recognition of their support for young people.

Most importantly, I audaciously hope for a better future for young people, and diligently seek opportunities for them.

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