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Zead Ghalayini and Nick Lowther

Zead Ghalayini and Nick Lowther


Shire Care Plumbing

Co-owners of Shire Care Plumbing, Zead Ghalayini and Nick Lowther have worked together for the past four years, but between them have over 20 years’ experience in the plumbing industry. The Sutherland Shire locals have joint aspirations of extending their business and current team of 5, from the St George district all the way down to the South Coast (with the Sutherland Shire in between of course).

Having worked his way up from apprentice tradie to business co-owner, Zead prides himself on delivering a service which is reliable, trustworthy and one which people will want to tell their friends about. Arriving to jobs on time and providing superior workmanship are values Zead (together with Nick), has built Shire Care Plumbing around.

Life has not always been smooth sailing for Zead, as early on he became consumed with work and battled a chronic anxiety disorder. Working hard with a therapist, he was able to turn his world around and find the right work/life balance to get his health in check.

With a background in sales including real estate, co-owner Nick, took up plumbing later in life, yet has taken to it like a ‘duck to water’. With the support of those close to him, Nick was encouraged to follow his dreams four years ago.

Entering the plumbing industry later on in his career, has not stopped Nick’s drive for excellence in his work as he strives to complete all jobs to a high standard to ensure his business is asked back time and time again.

Outside of work life, both Zead and Nick love spending time with their respective families in the great outdoors. Apart from their plumbing work, getting active beachside and participating in water sports including boating, water skiing and fishing are what they enjoy most.

Both Nick and Zead’s advice to anyone thinking of going it alone in business is to “Get out there and have a go”, advice which they offer to their own staff and support 100 per cent.