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Jeni Wilcock

Jeni Wilcock


Sullivan Dewing Chartered Accountants & Business Builders

Jeni Wilcock has built a career helping small businesses to achieve fabulous financial outcomes.

She began more than 20 years ago as an accountant with a Big 4 Accounting firm. Jeni soon learned she preferred the hands on approach to family business versus working with large corporations, and made the switch.

“It was a realisation early in my career that businesses need so much more than help doing their annual accounts and tax returns.”

Jeni joined Sullivan Dewing 18 years ago, choosing this firm as they aligned with her own vision; that people can easily achieve a better financial position for themselves if they are helped in the right way. Sullivan Dewing believe businesses are simply a tool to help individuals grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

“We take the time to understand your business and develop clever strategies that go beyond compliance.”

Eight years ago Jeni became an owner of Sullivan Dewing. Owning her own business has helped Jeni continually strive to be better. She admires those that work hard for their achievements, that lead a team well, and that create a business rather than a job. Jeni and the team work closely with their clients year-round, so they can fund the lifestyle they desire, now and in the future.

“One of my greatest achievements to date is working with a client for over 10 years and seeing him into retirement with a fabulous financial future.”

Jeni’s advice to other business owners is to ensure you have the right business structure to help with asset protection, profit distribution and paying the right amount of tax.

“Perhaps the most important advice I could give is start any business with the end result in mind. Decide what you wish to achieve and never lose sight of that goal!”