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Annette Testa

Annette Testa

Founder & Interior Designer

Portico Styling

Founder of Portico Styling, local Sutherland Shire mum of four, Annette Testa always had a love of Interior Design and knew her passion would someday become her reality.

When her children were young, Annette spent time raising her family whilst studying design and juggling a variety of part-time jobs including roles in marketing, sales, styling, customer service, administration and business development, all which she believes have helped her in the development of Portico at some point.

As soon as her kids were old enough, Annette applied for a full time role in Commercial Furniture, Fittings and Equipment. Always torn between residential and commercial work, Annette decided to register Portico Styling at this time and worked on her business without any advertising to “see what happened”. Right in front of Annette’s eyes, things grew, all from word-of-mouth referrals and before she knew it, she was well-entrenched in a successful commercial fit-out business.

These days Portico Styling is involved in property staging to sell, or styling a home to stay, and Annette is working hard to develop the business for steady growth, with very definite plans for the future.

Annette’s love of all things design has been passed onto her team who always work with a happy attitude, as like Annette, they love what they do and enjoy seeing the end results. Even Annette’s kids and hubby get involved at times as part of the crew and they are pretty proud of the work they do too!

Annette’s greatest inspirations include her husband Armando who is her sounding board for all of her great ideas, providing unwavering support along the way. Secondly, her friend and mentor, Bronwyn who’s been one of her biggest supporters’ right from the start when they both had crying babies in strollers and who always provides encouragement to push through the self-doubt and tough times. And finally, one of her previous managers Karen, whom Annette really admired as a full time working mum who seemed brilliant at everything and gave her belief that it must be a possibility.

Annette’s advice to anyone thinking about starting their own business is “Don’t give up if you are passionate about it. Dream it and dream it big!”