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Alexandra Zammit

Alexandra Zammit


Thomas Holt Aged Care Service Provider

Alexandra Zammit's current role is the CEO of Thomas Holt and has worked in the aged care industry for the past 6 years. Previously, Alexandra worked in the public health system for 25 years holding senior management roles which included a broad range of positions in the areas of clinical care, teaching, research and corporate services. Alexandra holds tertiary qualifications which include a Bachelor of Nursing and post graduate qualifications in Science Medicine specialising in pain management and management.

Our message to the community is simple, we promise to provide our residents and clients with a variety of care options depending on their needs now and in the future. At Thomas Holt we are committed to expanding our range of care and support services both in a customer’s own home and at Thomas Holt locations.

Thomas Holt also provides support to residents and their families dealing with people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and physical frailty. We have extensive experience in this area and pride ourselves on the level of care and understanding we provide.

Thomas Holt has been supporting older Australian for over 50 years and our success has been driven by our “personal touch.” We concentrate on forming close relationships with potential residents and their families.

It is not only the residents who benefit from the Thomas Holt personal touch – we apply the same philosophy to our relationship with our team. We understand that our success is built on the passion and commitment of our people and how they work as a team. Thomas Holt employs over 140 people across our In-Home Services, residential care, and retirement living services. As an organisation that is all about caring, we know the importance of caring for our team both at work and at home with flexibility, support and balance.