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Rachel's Runners

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Sutherland Shire/St George Area + Revesby/Panania

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T: 0407 667 217

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Learn to Run and keep running with Rachel's Runners!

Specialising in taking beginners and those recommencing their running journey through the necessary training to run up to 5km non-stop, Rachel's Runners will show you that yes, you can! With a focus on more than just the physical side of running, Rachel's Runners also provides a network of liked-minded others to show people, that with the right support, anyone can become a runner.

Once you've found your running mojo, Rachel's Runners also holds sessions to help you maintain and build on your running fitness and continue to enjoy your running journey.

Event specific run coaching and online running programs and support are also available. Whether you'd like to train to run your first 5km or a marathon, Rachel's Runners will help you get there.

Weekly group sessions currently on offer include -

1. Walk to Run – Consists of a 6 week block of training involving progressive walking and running intervals and an individualised strength program written by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist, aimed at getting you ready for our ‘Learn to Run’ class. This program is suitable for people who haven’t exercised in a long time or have minimal fitness; may be interested in weight loss; want to get moving, but with less impact than our traditional running sessions; wish to build up slowly towards our Learn to Run program; are looking for accountability and motivation; enjoy exercising in the company of others or are looking to build social connections.

2. Learn to Run - Led by accredited run coaches, is a 10 week progressive program which takes participants through the necessary training to complete their first non-stop 5km run. This program is aimed at true beginners to running, or those just getting back into it.

3. Running Fitness - Led by accredited run coaches, these weekly sessions incorporate running drills, technique advice and interval sets aimed at getting and keeping you 'run fit'. Suitable for beginners and beyond. Join at any time.

4. Trail Running Fitness - As per our Running Fitness sessions, Trail Running Fitness groups are led by accredited run coaches, and incorporate running drills and technique advice aimed at getting and keeping you 'trail run fit'. These sessions are held in varying locations dependent on aim of each class. Suitable for beginners and beyond. Join at any time.

If you've ever dreamed of saying "I'm just heading out for a run", then Rachel's Runners is the place for you.


""I only started running two months ago. Last year before starting this program I could run the length of three houses. Tonight during my run, I started counting again and in five minutes I was able to run past 38 houses! The fact that I can run for five minutes straight, and then over again with hardly any walking time makes me smile, and 38 houses...that's a massive PB! Thank you so much Rachel!" " - Erin

""I was lucky enough to stumble across Rachel's Learn to Run group in my local community. What started as an opportunity for me to exercise away some stress turned into a life changing experience, with me making significant improvements to my fitness and confidence when it comes to exercise and me conquering the 5 km distance. It also found me a whole heap of friends I didn't realise I needed and a link to a healthier life for me and my family.
If you are in the market for run coaching, then I could not advocate this amazing woman enough. She is enthusastic, caring and committed to her own goals and helping others achieve theirs. Don't stop is her motto and she won't let you stop either."" - Alex