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Meet the Manager of the first Virtual Activity Lifestyle Space in the World!


by: Steph Rey

Elisha Ferris - Manager of Club W Caringbah

Elisha is the Manager of Club W in Caringbah. She’s the manager of the first female virtual activity lifestyle space, and a ShireWomen Business Member. I caught up with her to find out more about her, and what has led her to working at Club W.

Elisha is a Shire girl. She grew up here and went to school in St George. From a young age she enjoyed making people feel confident in their own skin, and after leaving high school trained at a local college in Beauty Therapy. She loved that the treatments she provided people resulted in confidence and a boost of wellbeing for her clients.

During her teenage years, Elisha caught glandular fever, which really affected her both physically and mentally. The tiredness and constant feeling of being unwell meant she began to suffer from anxiety and depression which became a continued struggle.

After reading an article about exercise and mental health, her mother bought her a membership to a Ladies-only gym to assist Elisha in improving her wellbeing. The first 6 months were a slow start, however as time passed she began to visit regularly and get herself into a consistent routine. Over time, this became more than a new habit – it became part of her lifestyle.

When she started at the gym, Elisha insists that she was very overweight and very unfit – hard to imagine when you see her today! None the less, she started working out in small chunks – 10-minute spurts on the cardio machines or whatever she could manage that day. As her fitness increased she eventually added weight training to her routine. Her mental health improved, her anxiety was minimal, and her depression was lifting! An added bonus was that her body was changing and as a result she became more confident. She started meeting new people and finding friends with the shared love of an active lifestyle.

Her first introduction to working in the fitness industry happened after becoming a member at Fitness first. A Front Desk position became available, and her close friend who already worked there encouraged her to apply. Her application was successful and Elisha got the job. She worked full time on night shift until 10pm, and she loved it. She found she was naturally good at the role with a special interest in the operational aspects, and began to learn more about the day to day running of the gym.

With her new-found flair for operations, she was swiftly promoted to Management at the tender age of 23. Soon after, she was promoted again and transferred to another Club. During this time, she gained a wealth of experience in what is involved in running a large, busy gym.

Over the coming years Elisha worked for a few well-known Health Club brands, one of which she worked at for over 7 years, and during this time she had her first child. She looks back at this time with fond memories of managing her team, supporting her members and seeing the business thrive.

This year, she heard about a brand-new Fitness and Wellness concept which had opened in The Shire called Club W. The concept was to be Australia’s first fitness and lifestyle space for Women, which intrigued her immediately. When discovering it was the brain child of her former CEO and seeing a Management position become available, she knew she had to apply. Elisha got the job, and is thrilled to be managing Club W in Caringbah.

Elisha’s passion and focus are a little different from the stereotypical gym manager. She cares about her client’s wellbeing and mental health, as well as helping them achieve their goals – be that moving a little more, or moving a lot more! She is passionate about helping and supporting women and is a great fit for our ShireWomen community.

If you’re thinking about a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where or how to start, then get in touch with Elisha at the contact details below. She’d love to hear from you!

Phone: 02 8073 4885

Club W has an offer for the month of September for all ShireWomen members. Click here to learn more.