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What is ShireWomen?

ShireWomen began as an online platform to fill a gap in the market - a one stop shop for the community - an interactive platform. It is a local Directory site, a hub of local information (news & events), a receptacle for interesting Articles both personal & professional, a safe place to ask questions of our Panel of Experts, comment, share & recommend, to showcase locals in Business, feature local success stories, & proudly promote & support Community initiatives.

ShireWomen started from an idea to create a site that not only supported local industry but the Women within it. 6 years on ShireWomen has evolved beyond the brand SHIRE & WOMEN. We have been defined and refined by the wants of our audience. ShireWomen is now a fusion of Community & Business – a connection point.

We have expanded beyond an online presence. We connect a community and in the process promote and support local industry via our website, Social Media and at Events both Social and Professional. We unite Business to Consumers, Business to Business and connect people through information, events & support.

Put Simply:

ShireWomen for Residents (Social Members):

An informative and interactive hub for those in the community to relate, connect, receive news, deals, exclusive invitations, advice and attend events. They can tap into a truly local one stop shop, source businesses, get advice, find support and connect to like-minded people in their own backyard.

ShireWomen for the Business Community:

Access to a full marketing solution to expose & promote online via our website Presence, our Social Media platforms and offline at Networking Events & workshop opportunities. A resource to target market and advertise directly to customers, gain local insights & information, share techniques, success stories and referral opportunities.


An epicentre for Southern Sydney, where individuals & business can Promote, Connect & Succeed.